Managing App and Firmware Lifecycles with Pantavisor Linux

Update any app container running in your system, including the containerized embedded system and framework built with Pantavisor Linux. With the Pantabox utilities, the update command downloads the most recent version of the container as specified by the source URL and tag in the src.json file.

Before you begin:

For example:

1. Run pantabox to display the menu and then select update
2. Select the BSP (Board Support Package).

The BSP or Board Support Packages are composed of the Linux Kernel, drivers and firmware. It also contain the Pantavisor binary that is responsible for orchestrating containers and managing updates. All of these components are updated on-demand with the update command. To read more about how Pantavisor Linux is architected, see, “Pantavisor Architecture”

update pantavisor

Pantavisor updates the containers, and then applies the updates to the firmware, kernel and drivers and then reboots the device. Pantavisor keeps all states and will always you can revert back to a previous revision if needed.

update pantavisor

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